Title:Simibak (Mssacre)

   題目:Simibak 希米八-泰雅族語「殺戮」

   作者:曾鴻圖 油畫 畫布 48"x60"

Simibak (泰雅族語屠殺)





   「執燭探看」及「白色小花」等構思都是來自畢卡索所繪的「古爾尼卡 GUERNICA」。在畢卡索的「古爾尼卡」也有牛、馬,只是意義各有所指。  


謝鎮寬  作           John Hsieh

碰!碰!希米八!  Bang! Bang! Simibak!
碰!碰!希米八!  Bang! Bang! Simibak!
一九四七二二八,  1947, February 28th,
人間浩劫殺殺殺。  Massacring in Taiwan Like a Hell.

牛頭馬面凶惡煞,  Demons from Hades,
手執槍砲操軍法;  Holding gun and martial law;
洪水猛獸出柙閘,  Just like flood and wild animals out of a cage,
平民百姓受欺壓。  Devastated Civilian citizens, suffered oppression.

留美總編林茂生,  Maw-Shen Lin, editor and the first graduate returned from USA,
與妻訣別在黃昏;  Saying good-by to his wife at dusk;
台灣精英一網盡,  The Taiwanese elite were arrested all at once,
哀鴻遍野舉世驚。  Wailing over everywhere in the island shocked the whole world.

冤屈枉死魂萬千,  Grievance and injustice death over thousands,
硝煙直衝九重天;  Gun smoke shot up to the Heaven;
天使燃燭紅塵看,  Angel lights candle to overlook the darkened earth,
倉皇失色嚇破膽。  She was frightened and scared to death.

槍林彈雨屍滿地,  Bullets rain and shells artillery made corpses everywhere,
還有母子裹相依;  Even baby was wrapped in Mom's body;
傳統木屐遭翻棄,  Traditional peaceful society had been turned over,
傷痕烙印腦海裏。  Scars of hate and tragedy deeply built in memories.

長官陳儀坐高椅,  Governor, Chen Yi, sat in the high arm chair,
揮軍傳令奉旨意;  Giving instructions based upon the orders he received;
屠殺無辜罪歸一,  Bared all the accuses of this bloody killing,
糊裏糊塗已槍斃。  Before knowing all the facts, he became a scapegoat.

龜蛇惡鬥禍兩域,  The fight of  "turtle and snake", brought disaster to people,
風雲變色大江去;  Drastic changes, the fate of the nation;
征戰到底為什米,  Why killing? why war? what for?
生靈塗炭長悽戚。  Made people suffer the extreme privation for years and years.

島民世居自我立,  Island independently exists, and residents always self-supported,
安和樂利同舟濟;  Helping each other to live happily and peacefully;
希米八亡魂安息,  Simibak, dead soul, please rest in peace!
希米八亡魂安息。  Simibak, dead soul, please rest in peace!