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7th Annual Children's Language and Culture Summer Camp





At:  South Bay Culture Center : 1269 Forgewood Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94089         

On:  July

Check in: 9:30AM, Classes start at 9:45AM to 4PM daily

Age of Children: 5 – 15 (K-8th grade)

Class Offered: Beginning and Intermediate Taifu(Hoklo)

                          Beginning Hakka

                          Beginning and Intermediate Mandarin (Chinese).

 In addition to the language classes offered above, the emphasis will also be placed on  

Culture Appreciation: Learning traditional physical fitness skills, arts, crafts, music and

dance to be taught by the specialized teachers in each field from Taiwan.  

         Also included in the classes are the using of the creative and motivational teaching

method developed by the inventor, educator and award winning cartoonist, Liu Hsing-


         Whose works have won a sizable grant from the Dept of Economic Development of

Taiwan  to produce a serials of teaching materials, “Great Aunt and the Little Clever”

 including“Happy Spinach Chef” to be incorporated into the public school classes.

Contact Information: Susan Liu          (408) 248-9114,

                                 Simon Tseng     (408) 255-5777,

                                 ChiuLan Huang (510) 252-1415,

                                  Hsu Paochieng (408) 946-8263,

Space is limited, please register early. Registration Form available by contacting persons above.




日    期:7月(一週)

時    間:每天早上9:30報到;上課時間9:45am~16:00pm

招收年齡:5歲到15歲 (K-8th grade)。


營區地點:僑委會南灣文教中心1269  Forgewood Ave., Sunnyvale, CA



408-255-5777 曾鴻圖    510-252-1415 黃秋蘭   408-248-9114 吳色絮

408-946-8263 徐寶乾    408-227-8390 吳恭媛

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